Taking Action On Social Media and Through Email

Social media and email provide a great opportunity to share and connect with people who support the T1D community. As a JDCA Champion, we ask that you engage friends and family members to encourage them to support the goals of the JDCA by signing the More for a Cure petition.

Social Media Guidelines

  • Post the petition on social media and encourage your friends and family to sign.
    • Make sure to use the hashtag #Moreforacure
  • Include you own reasons for sharing the petition or feel free to cut and paste the templates below.
  • Engage in, and post to, Facebook T1D groups, blogs, or online chat communities/

Sample post For Family and friends (Copy and Paste):

I want to do everything I can to help _______ enjoy a life without type 1 diabetes. I signed the More for a Cure petition to let the ADA and JDRF know that I want the money I raise to go towards finding a cure. I encourage you to sign the petition if you want these organizations to change their priorities and focus on cure research. Petition link: 

Sample Post 2:

I signed the More for a Cure petition because as a type 1 diabetic, I am passionate about finding a cure. It's time to stand up to the JDRF and the ADA and demand that the money being raised for a cure is actually being spent on cure research. Sign this petition if you want to see a change and make your voice heard. Petition link: http://petition.thejdca.org/

Email Guidelines

  • Email your friends and family encouraging them to sign the More for a Cure petition.
  • Include you own reasons for sharing the petition or feel free to cut and paste the email template below.

Sample Email:

Dear (insert name here),

I am reaching out to you on behalf of the Juvenile Diabetes Cure Alliance (JDCA), hoping you will join me in advocating for increases in cure research spending at the major T1D fundraising non-profits.

One major JDCA goal is to ensure that a higher percentage of T1D donations are being used to fund cure research. You may be shocked to hear that while the JDRF is one of the largest diabetes charitable organizations, only 7% of their total annual income was used for T1D cure research. In addition, only 3% of all ADA income is spent on T1D research.

Please join me in signing the JDCA More for a Cure petition to help increase cure research funding today! Click the link below and sign today!

Petition link: http://petition.thejdca.org/


(Your name here)