Our goal is to find a cure for T1D within the next 15 years—in time to help those currently living with type 1. A Champion encourages members of the T1D community to take action for a cure by using their voice to influence others. By engaging in one or more of the activities listed below, you are recognized as a leader and Champion in the fight to find a cure for type 1 diabetes. Together, our voice can be heard!

The goal:

Enlist type 1 diabetics, their families, friends and co-workers to sign the JDCA More for a Cure petition to influence the ADA and JDRF to increase funding levels for cure research.

Your Role:

As a leader in the search for a cure, you will help expand the reach of our message and engage other members of the T1D community to implement change that will yield results.

Your role:

JDCA Champions like yourself amplify our collective voices and help to make our dreams of a Practical Cure for T1D a reality. By engaging your friends, families, and coworkers, you can help us achieve widespread support for an increase in cure research spending. Together we can change the T1D landscape by solidifying a commitment from the major T1D non-profits to prioritize cure research funding.


Next Step Actions

There are four keys ways that Champions  can help drive support for more T1D cure research. Click the buttons below for specific steps about how to do each one.

Use social media to spread the More for a Cure message with the people you love most.

Spread the word at school, work, your doctor's office, or other locations in your town or city.


Share the petition and JDCA message at T1D fundraising events. Request that the money you raise is used for cure research!

Contact your local print, television, and radio outlets in your community to share your story and advocate for cure research.

Contact the JDCA:

Champions Email: champions@thejdca.org

JDCA Email: info@thejdca.org

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