How to Ensure Your Donation is Used to Fund Cure Research

Charitable giving is incredibly important for T1D. Nearly 1/3 of all research funding relies on public generosity. Most donations go to a general fund, which can be used for anything the charity wishes - from education and research, to salaries and rent.

The only way to dictate how your money will be used is to specify in writing. All charities are obligated to fulfill their donors' wishes and use their gifts accordingly.

Most donors in the type 1 community want their donations to be used for T1D research. If you're like most donors, simply follow the steps listed below to ensure your next charitable gift is used to fund cure research for type 1 diabetes. If you'd like to stipulate a gift you've previously made, fill out the card and include the date and amount of your past donation.

  1. Hit the print button and print out this page.
  2. Fill out the card.
  3. Include the card with your next donation or use it to stipulate a past donation.

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