Joslin's New Ceo Announced

October 5, 2015

Starting on October 5th, Dr. Peter Amenta will become the new Joslin President and CEO.  Where previous CEO John Brooks background was as a businessman and entrepreneur, Amenta is a long-term clinician and research scientist.  A few highlights on his background:

  • Currently a Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
  • Over a 20 year career, he held a number of administrative positions at Robert Wood Johnson, including Chief of Staff and Dean of the Medical School.
  • He is regarded as an expert microscopist and immunohistochemist, and is widely published.

A change in leadership such as this signals a shift in strategic direction.  However, to date, there is no statement on the key reason for the change in leadership nor has their been a statement from the board of directors about what changes that want to achieve with this change.