JDRF Shifts Millions of Dollars from Research to Public Education

In December, we discussed JDRF's shift of resources away from research grants and toward the other three funding categories: education, fundraising, and management. This report focuses on the education category, and is the first of two reports that will take a closer look at where the research money has gone. CLICK HERE to read the full report.

Here are the three main findings:

  • Despite a significant increase in donor contributions, JDRF is now spending less than half of its budget to fund research grants – reaching the lowest level of the past decade. In 2014, only 46% of JDRF’s budget was spent on research grants, down from a high of 66% in 2008.
  • “Public Education” spending grew by $15 million from 2008 to 2014, a 42% increase.
  • The increase in “Public Education” costs is mainly due to the growth of “education” related payroll, a $33.5 million expense, which represents a 54% increase since 2008.