The 2nd Annual More for a Cure Petition Results

September - November 2016


Thank You!

We’d like to extend a big THANK YOU to all those who signed, and contributed their photos and quotes! The 2nd Annual More for a Cure Petition far exceeded expectations. In just 11 weeks, the Petition gathered 55,119 signatures. By comparison, the inaugural More for a Cure Petition, held during the Fall of 2015, ran for 17 weeks and was signed by 20,415 people.

What's Next?

In the weeks ahead, we will be taking a number of steps to ensure that your voices are heard. First, we will communicate by letter the results of the Petition to the major fundraising organizations and their leaders. Second, a book of signatures will be created and distributed to the organization's key executives. Third, we will ask key leaders to make a public commitment to substantially increase the amount spent on T1D research in each of the next three years.

We'll be sure to provide relevant updates to the community, so be sure to check back for further information!