The following is a list of ways you can spread the message of our petition and help get more funding for T1D cure research.

Here our are simplest options, and they get more involved the further you scroll. Pick the one that's right for you! 


  1. Share the Petition Link with your Facebook friend and encourage them to share it too! Just paste this into your Facebook feed:

  2. Tweet a link to the petition! Use this post: Sign this petition and help give our children a future free of diabetes! 

  3. Email the link to the petition to your family, friends, and professional network.


  1. Ask your local celebrities to sign the petition and share it on social media. Click here for a printable template.

  2. Send the video to your local news channels to request coverage. Click here for the video and a press introduction.

  3. Collect signatures at a fundraising walk or event. Carry a clipboard or ipad to the next diabetes fundraising event and collect supporters for increasing the amount spent on cure research. Click here for a printable signature sheet and instructions. 

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JDRF Shifts Millions of Dollars from Research to Public Education

In December, we discussed JDRF's shift of resources away from research grants and toward the other three funding categories: education, fundraising, and management. This report focuses on the education category, and is the first of two reports that will take a closer look at where the research money has gone. CLICK HERE to read the full report.

Here are the three main findings:

  • Despite a significant increase in donor contributions, JDRF is now spending less than half of its budget to fund research grants – reaching the lowest level of the past decade. In 2014, only 46% of JDRF’s budget was spent on research grants, down from a high of 66% in 2008.
  • “Public Education” spending grew by $15 million from 2008 to 2014, a 42% increase.
  • The increase in “Public Education” costs is mainly due to the growth of “education” related payroll, a $33.5 million expense, which represents a 54% increase since 2008.