55,119 Signed the 2nd Annual "More for a Cure" Petition Asking for a Significant Increase in T1D Research.

The 2nd Annual More for a Cure Petition closed Friday November 18, 2016, far exceeding expectations. During the 11 weeks that it was active, the petition acquired 55,119 signatures, more than twice the amount of the 1st Petition held during the Fall of 2015. This tremendous growth in support demonstrates the deep desire of the T1D community to ensure that cure research is the number one priority.

The More for A Cure Petition asks the JDRF and ADA to significantly increase T1D research spending. Should the JDRF make a significant increase, it would be the reversal of five straight years of decline, and if the ADA were to make a significant increase in T1D research funding, it would mark a meaningful commitment to type 1 rather than their historical focus on type 2.

Raise the question. Ask your local leaders. Call the national office. Let it be known the time for change is now.