Our goal is to find a cure for T1D within the next 15 years—in time to help those currently living with type 1. A Champion encourages members of the T1D community to take action for a cure by using their voice to influence others. By engaging in one or more of the activities listed below, you are recognized as a leader and Champion in the fight to find a cure for type 1 diabetes. Together, our voice can be heard!

The goal:

Enlist type 1 diabetics, their families, friends and co-workers to sign the JDCA More for a Cure petition to influence the ADA and JDRF to increase funding levels for cure research.

Your Role:

As a leader in the search for a cure, you will help expand the reach of our message and engage other members of the T1D community to implement change that will yield results.

Your role:

JDCA Champions like yourself amplify our collective voices and help to make our dreams of a Practical Cure for T1D a reality. By engaging your friends, families, and coworkers, you can help us achieve widespread support for an increase in cure research spending. Together we can change the T1D landscape by solidifying a commitment from the major T1D non-profits to prioritize cure research funding.


To learn more, Contact the JDCA:

Champions Email: champions@thejdca.org

JDCA Email: info@thejdca.org

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