The Practical Cure Vision: Imagine a world where stopping what you’re doing to test your blood sugar is a thing of the past; where the scar tissue of countless insulin injections is no more; where you can go to bed at night without fear.

For over a century, researchers have pursued a perfect cure with little to no results. The last real game changer for type 1 diabetes was the discovery of insulin in 1922. We need a game changer for our generation—the kind that would reduce injections, eliminate complications, and keep blood sugars in check. This is a Practical Cure.

An Idealized Cure, which is commonly presented as “the cure” for type 1, is predicated upon entirely eliminating the disease. After a century of effort, Idealized Cure research is still at such an early stage of conceptual development that it is unlikely to deliver a cure in time to benefit anyone who is currently living with type 1.

A Practical Cure will revolutionize the quality of life for those living with type 1 diabetes, but it does not need to be a perfect solution. A Practical Cure is much wider in scope and includes any solution that frees a person with type 1 from the daily burden of the disease and the worry of complications.

Definition: A Practical Cure describes any solution that can be widely available in the near future which enables people with established type 1 diabetes to have a near-normal lifestyle, free from daily disease management routines.

Value of a Practical Cure: The benefit of a Practical Cure is intuitive and overwhelmingly supported by the T1D community.  Our research shows that a majority of T1D charitable organizations and research centers apply a relatively limited amount of effort to making a Practical Cure a reality. By urging donors and charities to direct their money to Practical Cure research, we aim to catalyze progress and create the best chance that a Practical Cure will be developed in the next 15 years.